¿Qué dice tu anillo David Locco Diamonds sobre ti?

What does your David Locco Diamonds ring say about you?

Every jewel tells a story. From the creative process, through the design and craftsmanship, until reaching the hands of its buyer, David Locco Diamonds’ rings begin to gather every memory inside of them.

Finally, it is the one who wears it, the one who ends the magnificent story that begins with the creation of the sustainable diamonds and ends with the ring on a finger.

Every piece is unique, and the one chosen says a lot more than you might think about its wearer.


Alma Ring

The one wearing the Alma ring fears nothing. Its wearer is a dreamer, a revolutionary, staunch defender of their values. The logo of our brand traces the silhouette of this delicate and beautiful jewel: those who wear an Alma ring demonstrate a compromise not only to the firm, but also to its philosophy and values, never ceasing on fighting against violence and injustice.

The Alma ring is the baobab flower, a symbol for sustainability and peace. Only a unique and very special being could be able to wear this astonishing jewellery piece.


Snowflake Ring

Our Snowflake ring denotes a sweet and familiar personality. A snowflake is a prodigy of nature: each one is unique and different to the rest. In the same way, the person who wears this ring is someone loyal, a good listener and a great helper to others.

Everyone wants to be next to the one dressing this jewel: the longest friendships can be found in them. It is tenderness in a diamond.


Supernova Ring

Like the supernova that blows up, illuminating everything in its reach, this ring shows in the one dressing it a natural leadership. Ambition, strong and unmovable character, great ideas and big projects characterise the owner of a Supernova.

Just as this star can be seen from any point of the celestial sphere thanks to its luminosity, this ring emulates such a special light thanks to the disposition of its sustainable diamonds, attracting the gazes of everyone, not only to its own light, but also to the power of its owner.


Heritage Three Ring

The elegance of the straight lines and the sobriety of its design reveal a strong and innovative personality. Decorum, simplicity and calmness are the fundamental characteristics of this piece and its wearer.

When wearing its blue coloured sustainable diamond variant, a statement is being made: they may not be for everyone’s taste, but when someone who wears a Heritage Three has an idea, they will defend it no matter what. Firmness and seriousness are essential and fund their character.


First Lady Ring

The elegance of the Heritage Five welcomes among its diamond lanes a dazzling central 1 carat sustainable diamond to give birth to the First Lady ring. All the subtlety and sensibility of the straight lines are softened to give way to a flirtatious and enchanting personality, one that finds it easy to enthral and seduce.

The owner of a First Lady was born to shine and they know it. They attract everyone surrounding them: its beauty is sublime. They are the first lady, the inflection point in the lives of all those who know them. They present a change and a revolution in every look that contemplates them.

Deep In Love collection Solitaire Rings

Six are the names who conform this beautiful and timeless collection of solitaire rings, perfect for proposals: Desirée, Agatha, Venus, Iris, Daphne and Lily. Regarding what each one of these rings says about the person dressing them, we already have a specific article for this collection that will not leave you indifferent.


Every ring tells a story, but the most important part is still to be written. Get your own David Locco Diamonds ring and immortalise in it all your memories.

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