El nacimiento de la colección Deep in Love

The birth of the Deep In Love collection

The birth of the Deep In Love collection

Rings that are worth a thousand words. The Deep in Love collection is the biggest homage that could be given to a brand that bets so much on true love: towards our loved ones and our planet.

The inspiration and time behind the design

Our experts in the luxury sector joined their creative skills to pay tribute in the most beautiful way possible to the David Locco Diamonds universe. Just as the Alma collection represents the firm’s logo in its purest form and the Baobab collection is a tribute to the flower of the baobab (one of the biggest inspiration points of our sustainable task), Deep in Love wants to join the purity of the flower and of our mission in six unique rings.

What makes this collection different from the rest (both by our brand and by the whole sector), is the capability to transmit our values through the design of its claws, especially made to, next to the diamond they support, form the baobab flower’s symbol.

“It is hard to translate into our jewellery this whole net of values we have woven step by step. The David Locco Diamonds universe is ambitious, magical, natural… but above all, it is complex” -Tatev Zakaryan, Retail Director.

Every idea requires an elaborate creative, design and fabrication process. The Deep in Love collection has been a journey of over six months (just for the design phase) until it has finally become a reality.

Nothing would be possible without the magnificent work of our graphic designers and, of course, our jewellers with decades of experience in goldsmithing.

Our small works of art

We wanted to create a set of solitaire rings (both for proposals and every-day accessories) that were unique and with a special shine. We have done it.

The design is identical among all the rings, what changes is the cut on the central diamond. For the first time in our brand, we have incorporated two more cut types, apart from the round cut: the oval and the princess cuts.

Working with excellent qualities in all our diamonds, regardless of their cut and carats, the decision is all our clients’: which cut will you choose?

Venus and Iris, the classical round cuts

The round cut is the most common in the majority of engagement rings. Its popularity is not by any means by chance nor does it devalue its characteristics: the round cut, thanks to the complexity of its cut and faces, is known to be the one who best reflects light.

Venus, the Roman goddess of love, assisted mortals in their romances. Our Venus has come to transform their deepest feelings into a “yes, I do”.

Iris, her twin sister (also in a round cut but with diamonds embedded on the hoop too), is reminiscent of the rainbow, that natural phenomenon with a Greek name, that is capable of transforming light into infinite flashes of colour.

Desirée and Agatha, the most romantic ovals

Diamonds that remind us of fairy tales: the softness on the edges, the oval shapes and the gold’s shine make this cut the perfect one for especially sweet and romantic people.

An oval cut, desired by all the eyes that lay on it, could not have any other name than “Desirée” (French for “desired”). With sinuous lines that elevate the beauty of any hand.

Agatha is seductive, pure and bright, above all. The Swedish name, related to purity and white, describes every aspect of this gorgeous ring.

Lily and Daphne, the warrior princesses

The princess cut, contrary to what its name may suggest, says a lot about the person who wears it: they are strong, confident women of character. Without leaving sweetness aside, this cut reflects elegance and sobriety in its purest form.

From the Latin word “lilium”, the lily is the white flower, symbolising purity and innocence. Lily’s work resides in representing such a beautiful cause as ethical luxury: the reconciliation between a world that looks for exclusivity and another that defends human and the Earth’s rights.

Daphne, daughter of gods and nymphs, was the object of Apollo’s love, god of the arts. Advocating for her freedom and her right to a true love, she ran away from him, being transformed by her father into a bay tree. After his disgrace, Apollo took the bay leaf crown and made it his symbol. With it, the winners of the Olympic Games are crowned and the victory of Daphne is commemorated, as she became free. The set of embedded diamonds on the hoop (especially in its yellow gold variant) are the most stunning homage to the victory of love and peace.


Desirée, Agatha, Venus, Iris, Daphne and Lily are David Locco Diamonds.

Deep in Love is David Locco Diamonds.

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