David Locco Diamonds' Manifesto

When diving into a completely new universe, it is of vital importance knowing exactly which are the goals of the adventure that is going to take place. The search for values that identify you with what you defend.
In David Locco, we take pride in being part of a project with such clear goals and such a solid moral.


If we do not take care of our origins, we will not be able to shape our fate. David Locco has the ambitious project of not altering the course of nature, making it an eternal place.
Its compromise with the environment is the firm’s foundation: a sustainability that goes far beyond, favouring responsible consumption and the perpetuity of millennial people and cultures originating from the places under which mined diamonds grow.


The magnetism and power of communication of jewellery is well-known. However, conventional brands have looked this concept over the shoulder. David Locco has gone deep into this virtue of jewellery, with its creations establishing bonds, not only among the diamonds and their owners, but also among the people who offer these precious stones as gifts.


Exploring the possibilities of humankind. Betting on the ways that will make us achieve excellence without our steps invading the environment nor staining the lives of those who live near diamond mines. The future is found in the new ways of creating without destroying.


David Locco’s spirit is marked by beauty, romanticism and delicacy. Nevertheless, it also incarnates a rebellious and daring being. That exquisite mix has created a unique style, freely chosen, based on the noblest values, giving its jewels an easily-recognisable distinction, well-appreciated in the world of luxury.


To David Locco, giving back is not a scarce luxury, but a commandment. Its loyalty to principles and its respect for the freedoms of each being on Earth is a basic pillar to leave a better space for future generations. That is why David Locco also uses all its resources in social action, promoting the creation of new green spaces in numerous countries, as well as putting a stop to the pain of those people forced to work in mines.


Traditionally, diamonds have been a luxury reserved for one class, considered as the elite, suitable only for a reduced group of individuals who consider themselves “superior”, as if they are the only ones capable of admiring the beauty and strength they transmit. David Locco, coherently with its philosophy, breaks this ancestral status so that it becomes an affordable luxury.


Any luxury lover is a lover of the manufacturing and technique that lies behind every piece too. Jewels speak for themselves and David Locco expresses itself through them. Thanks to the talent of our expert jewellers, its lab-created sustainable diamonds joined with the silver and gold cared for by our artisans send messages as original as beautiful, making people all around the world fall in love.


Beauty with blood cannot be beautiful. You cannot build destroying. Eroding the earth or destroying natural diamonds to get purer ones is a nonsense that David Locco wishes to stop. For that, David Locco only designs jewels with sustainable diamonds, even if that means not pleasing everyone. We want to cure the wounds that traditional luxury has left open in our planet and our spirits.

Do you dare to be a part of our universe?