¿Qué hay detrás de las colecciones Alma y Baobab?

What is behind the Alma and Baobab collections?

What is behind the Alma and Baobab collections?

Behind every work of art there is an inspiring story that makes it what it is. The Alma and Baobab collections by David Locco are the closest to the natural beauty of the Earth, capable of transmitting the tenderness of a real flower.

The birth of Alma and Baobab

In the heart of Africa lives a millenary tree whose flowers are one of the most delicate and sophisticated creatures on Earth. They are born in the darkness of the night, at twenty years old, and their lifespan is reduced to a few hours. That is why only a few fortunate people have had the privilege of contemplating such a whim of nature.

David Locco is an extraordinary being, capable of making what seems madness to other people, a reality. Only such a pure symbol of elegance and exclusivity as the baobab flower could be its badge.

Thanks to Tatev Zakaryan, member of the David Locco management team, the idea for both collections was born. Her main goal since she started her journey in the David Locco universe has been to create jewels that overflow with personality and identify themselves with the brand.

“The idea did not come from anywhere, it was simply there. The whole firm revolves around sustainability and extraordinary beauty. Jonathan González, our CEO, believed in this concept and I put it into a jewel.” -Tatev.

The first collection to come to life was Alma: minimalist and filled with elegance, matching so perfectly with the firm’s values that it became its logo.

The second one, more ambitious and seemingly impossible, was Baobab. Its spirit is everywhere: the flower’s own lightness, its silky beauty, the movement of its petals, its mystical power… the same flower, when contemplating it, becomes a true jewel of nature, and what better way to reflect this than in a real jewel.

The design and craftsmanship

The world of design and manufacturing are very different: ideas that are translated into paper and appear flawless a lot of times cannot be carried out. David Locco is characterised by its perseverance, by its will to make its wildest dreams come true.

“The Baobab collection has been nothing short of a challenge: we have been working day and night for months. First came the sketches, then the digital design, the renders after that… bearing in mind always that it had to be the closest thing to the real flower, with its petals and silky touch, even if it was made out of metal. It has been hard, it has cost us blood, sweat and tears. We have had to discard more than six designs, but thanks to everyone contributing their grain of sand it has been possible.” -Tatev.

In spite of failing and trying again, this flower was destined to bloom. Numerous manufacturing tests were made, even for the tiniest details: everything had to be perfect. New challenges appear in every phase of a jewel’s manufacturing process: pieces that do not fit perfectly, new decorative elements…

“We had to repeat the tests several times: we demand the greatest quality and perfection in our jewellery. Besides, Baobab stands out for its movement and it has been really difficult reflecting it while also guaranteeing its safety, that no pieces would fall and everything was gripped correctly.” -Tatev.

Every jewel is made up of several pieces that are joined, set, melted, polished… each one of them with the maximum care and detail. The elaboration of just one ring could take up to 300 work hours, and just one necklace, 600 hours.

The designing phase, working side by side with one of our master digital designers would not bloom without the help of Vahag, one of our expert artisan jewellers. The constant correspondence, month after month, to find the perfect way of fitting these pieces has been possible thanks to him. Such a thorough craftsmanship that gives it all its exclusivity and value. The first flower to be born from the hands of humans.

David Locco’s ambition

Understanding all the aspects and complexity of the baobab flower, unravelling its symbolism and identifying ourselves with it, the brainstorm until we reached our destiny and the constant work among all of us has been the product of no less than a whole year of effort.

Nothing is possible without great people behind. The David Locco family has a soul with a burning passion that moves each one of us. Thanks to a whole creative team, craftsmen and commercials, we have successfully made the jewels that lived in our dreams, descend to our reality.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of each of its pieces

Now that you know the story behind our most iconic collections, you can contemplate their beauty through their links Alma and Baobab. The force of beauty and savoir-faire are waiting for you.

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