David Locco's created diamonds are the present and the future of a gem that should have never been a problem to the planet nor a bargaining chip for purposes that violate human rights.

The sustainability in which David Locco has its foundations is based on three fundamental pillars: environmental, social and moral.


Environmental sustainability: Eternal jewels so the planet can be eternal too

Diamond mining is considered one of the most environmentally invasive. The gestation of these stones occurs in very deep layers. If one compares the production data of a mined diamond with a created diamond, the respect shown by the latter is thunderous.


Mined diamonds

David Locco created diamonds

Deforestation of hectares of land.

As they are grown in a laboratory, they do not affect the surface of the planet.

Displacement of

villages due to water contamination that harms not only people's health, but also their livestock and crops.

As they do not invade territories, the people living on diamond deposits can live at peace.

Changes in the orography of the land.

They do not alter the ecosystems.

Creation of 2.63 tons of waste to produce just one carat of diamond that can obtain the 4Cs.

They do not generate waste.

The use of 480 litres of water per carat.

Only 70 litres of water per carat.

The emission of 57,000 grams of CO2 that pollutes the air, and both surface and subway waters.

Thanks to the work and expertise of our team of scientists, the laboratories are pioneers worldwide in using sustainable and responsible methods with ZERO carbon emissions and therefore, no impact on the planet.


The rest of the materials used for the manufacturing of our jewellery come form ecological sources:

  • We use sustainable gold: this metal is recycled from other pieces of jewellery that have been discarded (for lack of use, to get its price back, etcetera) in places that buy and sell gold. We breathe new life into it, melting it to create new pieces full of life.
  • We follow the same path for our recycled sterling silver: its a way of reusing the materials the Earth has already given us, avoiding its unnecessary exploitation.


Social sustainability: Ethical diamonds that respect the freedom of human beings

The beauty and hardness of mined diamonds has always been compared to love and eternity. Such has been its magnetism that the greed of many has led them to violate fundamental rights in order to possess them, leading to:

  • Opression.
  • Subhuman working conditions, including child exploitation.
  • War conflicts caused by the control of their mines and being bargaining chips for the purchase of weapons.

There is no data to compare with cultivated diamonds, as they do not impact negatively on people's rights.

  • Created diamonds support technology and R&D development.
  • Creation of skilled jobs that respect workers' rights.
  • Respect for millenary peoples who have the good fortune to live in the splendour of nature.


Moral sustainability: Ethical luxury and social awareness

Even though we cannot reverse all the damage caused in the past by the mining of diamonds, we can still direct our steps towards an ecological model based on renewable energies to put an end to the suffering of our planet.

David Locco has bet since the beginning on ethical luxury: this is a production system that more and more businesses are using. It consists of a sustained and sustainable production, with recycled materials or ones that come from ethical and renewable sources that do not exploit the Earth nor its workers. As it is a much more reduced way of operating, it is guaranteed that every part that contributes to its development will have the benefits that correspond to them, with good and fair working conditions.

As for the materials, they are generated with a significantly lower or even non-existent carbon footprint, and after a collection ends, the materials are recycled into new items. Despite having a slightly higher cost, it is necessary to guarantee the good life of the workers, the items and the Earth.

David Locco contributes their grain of sand with the creation of precious and ecological jewels by demand, meaning without excess inventory. In addition, its work goes further, by promoting climate change awareness and the development of new renewable energy sources and new modus operandi for the fashion and jewellery industries.