Por qué la juventud valora la sostenibilidad

Why youth value sustainability

The crisis and shortage of raw materials in the productive sector has become a problem in recent months. But there is a bigger crisis haunting us for decades: climate change .

It is no secret that we ourselves are the ones that are driving change at dizzying rates, with devastating and irreversible effects.

However, it is not too late.

It seems that it is the generations that currently occupy high positions who leave the solutions for those to come and, in a certain way, they are not wrong. We will know how to find them. In my generation, more and more of us are committed to sustainability and ethical consumption , but we cannot leave everything for tomorrow.

Together with this defense of sustainable consumption, correct oppositions arise: can everyone afford to consume ecological clothing and products? The answer is no, it is not that easy. The traditional productive industry is designed to mass-produce products with a very short life, exacerbating consumption and creating, in turn, false needs in the consumer. The low qualities with which they are produced (in addition to the well-known workforce in precarious conditions) generate very low prices, thus attracting those who cannot afford to buy products of higher quality and cost, which are, at the same time, the who are hired by this type of industry. Mass and unsustainable production seems to be done for the people, but it is, above all, at the expense of the people.

At first glance it seems that the logical solution to excessive production is exclusive production. However, the modus operandi of the traditional luxury industry continues to have major obstacles today: as we discussed in previous articles on the fast-fashion and traditional luxury industry, it seems that traditional luxury companies follow the line of exalting oneself by rejecting the average consumer instead of affordability to the “high” consumer.

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Climate change is a modern problem and requires modern solutions

The key is ethical luxury : a production system based on sustained and sustainable production, with recycled materials or materials from renewable and ethical sources, which do not exploit the Earth or its workers. The focus in this luxury is not on the differentiation of one from another by the products that can be purchased, but on the privilege of being able to consume responsibly and in solidarity with our planet. Being a smaller way of acting, it is guaranteed that all the parties that contribute to its development obtain the benefits that correspond to them in a fair manner and with good employment conditions.

Despite having a slightly higher cost, it is necessary to guarantee the good life of the workers, the garments and the Earth.

This modern way of creating seeks to go from being what we nowadays consider a luxury, to being what every citizen can afford. Sustainability is charting the path we must follow.

In addition, thrift-shopping (buying second-hand clothes) and slow fashion (betting on handmade products created in very small quantities) is the new trend that is making its way among the youth. Thanks to social networks and a greater awareness of the environment capable of reaching all of us en masse, quality is being favored over quantity , motivating the purchase of garments, although more expensive, of higher quality that can last a long time. versus lower-end clothing and accessories that are easily disposable.

Sustainable luxury requires a commitment to the environment and society that may not have been the priority to date, but it is for those of us who are entering now. The change must take place effectively in the mentality of those of us who make up the future, but words are useless if those who are in charge of production do not alter their actions. This new industry will shape our future and for it to work, it is vital that producers and consumers go hand in hand.

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