Los beneficios del uso alternativo del diamante creado

The benefits of the alternative use of lab-created diamonds

The benefits of the alternative use of lab-created diamonds

Diamonds, and above all lab-created ones, are the perfect symbol of infinite beauty, both from the outside and its soul. The reality is that this precious stone is not only used for aesthetic purposes only, but it is also solidary and altruistic, helping in hundreds of industrial and medical processes that make people’s lives easier.

The best conductivity on the planet

It is no secret that diamonds due to their atomic structure are the best energy conductor that has been discovered. For a long time its alternative uses were avoided due to the high economic cost of mining and because its properties were yet unknown. However, since the discovery of its great capabilities, its use has grown exponentially.

Although its quality may be optimal for different processes, the environmental cost of mining diamonds is detrimental to the Earth. It wasn’t until 1954 that ethical diamonds were created, a true revolution for the industry thanks to their sustainability, reduced economic cost and their infinite possibilities.

The ethical diamond in the industry

Being the hardest minerals in the world, with a ten in the Mohs scale, diamonds are the perfect material for cutting numerous metals, minerals and other components, and they can only be scratched by other diamonds.

What is used in factories and tools destined to the cutting of other materials are not whole diamonds with a caratage like the jewellery industry, but diamond dust, made up of nanodiamonds, that come from the cutting and shaping of bigger diamonds for aesthetic purposes (most of the times). These tiny diamond particles allow a higher precision in the sector’s works as well as a lower price of machines.

One of the best examples of this is the creation of automobiles. Thanks to tools like diamond-coated saws and drill bits, it is much easier to produce different vehicle parts with millimetric perfection.

As mentioned before, thanks to its optimal conductivity, the nano diamond is one of the minerals used par excellence in electronic devices such as microchips. Its use has led as far as to the creation of a battery made up of diamonds with unlimited energy, by an American company known as Nano Diamond Battery. And this is just the beginning of the endless list of benefits this stone has for the secondary sector.

Created diamonds save lives

But these diamonds are not only helpful to the creation of objects, they are vital for some life-saving medical processes.

Among them, the diamond bits in dental machinery are essential for cleaning dental cavities when doing a filling or an implant.

In more recent studies, it has been found (and proven) that nanodiamonds are the best conductors not only for energy, but also for lots of medicines. In some therapies regarding breast cancer, it is common to administer doxorubicin along with nanodiamonds (much finer than a hair) to avoid the metastasis of the tumour towards other areas like the lungs, as well as to reduce considerably the size of the tumours (explaining it briefly and in general terms).

Other investigations believe that nanodiamonds, thanks to their unmatched capability to reflect and refract light, could be very useful for more advanced models of bionic eyes.

"It's no longer possible to solve current problems with yesterday's solutions"

- Roger von Oech

Ethical diamonds versus mined diamonds in alternative uses

Nowadays, the use of mined diamonds, even knowing its tremendous disadvantages for the planet, remains in practice.

With lab-created diamonds, besides achieving the same properties as the traditional diamond, better results for production and the Earth are also achieved.

We have discussed the advantages of the created diamond versus mined ones in the David Locco blog on multiple occasions. If you would like to know more about it, you can check this link.

The possibilities of uniting health, production and sustainability are on a very close horizon. The union of luxury and ethics is already here with David Locco.


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