If you bet on David Locco, you bet on the future

If you bet on David Locco, you bet on the future

Thousands of years ago, royal families, princes and princesses already showed off diamonds around their necks and crowns. Through the centuries, with a troubled childhood and teenagehood, the history of diamonds had its horrible encounters with violence, human exploitation and the pain of the Earth.

Since the invention of laboratory diamonds in 1954, its narrative has turned more hopeful, with a promising adulthood and a strong wish to guarantee a better future.

A compromise with the environment

It is not a secret that the planet has been in decline for decades: global warming, CO2 emissions, forest fires and the big industries that do nothing other than encouraging and accelerating this terrifying downhill.

Its only natural to lose hope, to believe that there is no one that cares about the current situation, when everything everyone seems to do is to sit idly by.

Fortunately, the current generations show a strong compromise with ecology and sustainability. It is comforting to know that future generations will also fight to stop the decadence of the Earth. The urgent demand, the consciousness of young people and their commitment to mend the mistakes of the past, shedding a little light on this dark episode of the planet.

"Every day we are a step closer to the point of no return, but also closer to finding solutions."

David Locco contributes its grain of sand by the exclusive use of laboratory created diamonds, with the purpose of letting the Earth rest far from the irreversible abuses and pollution.

Moreover, David Locco has been certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) as the first jewellery firm using only ethical diamonds in their pieces.

That is how the bond between luxury and sustainability is created, giving birth to elegant, ethical and timeless jewels.

A compromise with the future

David Locco’s work goes far beyond helping the environment by preventing mining and the carbon footprint: it is in charge of paving the way that the luxury industry should follow.

David Locco is the first high jewellery firm in the world to create its own cryptocurrency, Cryptonhite, thanks to its sustainable diamonds.

This virtual currency is not only characterised by being one of the financial assets that every day makes its way to being the money of the future, but it is also the most revolutionary cryptocurrency to exist, because, unlike the rest, it has a physical backup, the Bank of Diamonds.

If you decide to be owner of a Cryptonhite token, you will be investing the energies of the future. Via Venture capital, Cryptonhite seeks to invest in small and medium sized businesses with excellent potential and innovative proposals, specially ones related to the creation of renewable energy, building a more sustainable world full of opportunities for the small businessperson. 

One of them is Nano Diamond Battery: a battery made of laboratory created nanodiamonds that transform radioactive nuclear waste into energy, with a duration of 28.000 years. Thus, limited energies such as fossil fuels are prevented from being used, and nuclear waste is repurposed instead of stagnated. 

Believing in David Locco is betting on a future filled with values, opportunities and renewable energies that will keep Mother Earth alive.