La familia David Locco y sus objetivos

The David Locco family and their goals

The David Locco family and their goals

Behind every creation and extraordinary project reside even more extraordinary and creative minds. The greatest pride David Locco has ever had is to have found such a great family moved by their passion and determination to achieve what seems impossible.

Born from the idea of an ethical luxury with values, in tune with the Earth and its necessities and compromised with its workers and exclusivity, David Locco was united with the best people in their sector to bring this universe to life.

David Locco’s goals

If we summed up all of David Locco’s goals in one word, this would be “transformation”.

This family’s main dream has always been to transform everything surrounding them into something that makes its potential and goodness glow even further: an ethical luxury industry, capable of creating the most stunning jewellery without a bit of underlying suffering. A completely sustainable production with no carbon footprint, linked to the utmost exclusivity and dedication in every piece.

But the history of diamonds has not only shed the tears of our planet: millions of people have suffered the consequences of their extraction. That is why David Locco had it clear from the beginning that this had to end, that each worker deserved to tear up their chains and dedicate themselves to the thing that would give them the true freedom of working in what they love.

Who is the David Locco family?

United by the transcendence of such a beautiful goal, the David Locco family was formed. Each one of its members feels inspired on the daily to transform an industry that has been cruel for a long time, into one that lends a hand to peace and goodness.

“No day is like the one before. That, for a creative or a content creator is a true delight, and that is possible thanks to David Locco and its project in constant evolution.” -María Tolosa, Copy and Community Manager.


“What I love the most about my job are the challenges and emotions. The authenticity and pure spirit of the brand. It is like having a child and watching them grow daily… witnessing their first steps, their successes and trials… I adore my job: from the very beginning it has become an essential part of my life and it is like a personal challenge.” -Tatev Zakaryan, Retail Director.

Their CEO, Jonathan González, put himself to work in order to unite the best of the best in their areas, a demanding task that bore fruit successfully, with a fellowship so great that it never goes unnoticed by its workers.

“What makes David Locco such a unique project? The way in which people with the highest compromise towards their work have been chosen: I felt immediately welcomed and comfortable with them. David Locco truly is essence, transcendence and heart.” -Aimée Barroso, Personal Shopper.


“I think the main difference in David Locco is the desire to change the world and do something that breaks with all the luxury canons.” -Jennifer González, COO.

All of us who belong in the David Locco universe know that it is nothing like we have seen before. The unmatched compromise and values make the difference. When defining David Locco in three words, we all coincide in the word “family”, but there is always something more.

David Locco is the evolution of beauty and the revolution of luxury.

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