Beauty, Loyalty, Respect

Feel the exclusivity of David Locco's ethical luxury and its power to embellish the future of the planet

Close your eyes. Imagine caressing the most beautiful diamonds without hurting the heart of the Earth or hurting the lives and hopes of those in it. Dare to dream of a symphony of brilliance, light and color born of human ingenuity and his extraordinary curiosity to conquer the most amazing challenges. Now, open your eyes and feel it because David Locco has made this utopia come true for you



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Life is a dream. David Locco knows it. That is why his romantic spirit embarked on the enormous feat of cultivating the treasures of the planet: to obtain the most amazing laboratory grown diamonds. As beautiful and as pure as their siblings, natural diamonds.

His love for maintaining the chaos of nature, his hope for a transparent and conflict-free world and his trust in the talent of the best scientists made his dream come true.

Today he is a pioneer in cultivating sustainable diamonds, in different colors and of an extraordinary quality, only comparable to the quality of the diamonds the Earth preserves. But far from being satisfied with this, he has gone further:

David Locco opens new doors to fine jewelry

To square the circle by creating magnificent designs that challenge space and time so the diamonds he creates become a legacy that defines endless generations and accompany them in the most special moments of teir lives.

 David Locco pieces explore new lines that extol the perfection and radiance of his diamonds. Giving free rein to emotion. Creating, through his jewelry, a form of expression that speaks to the world of the values and feelings of the human being: the most enigmatic and special creature in the universe.






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And he redefines sustainable luxury, building bridges between people

David Locco jewelry has a soul. High value pieces with values.
Each ring, each earring, each pendant or bracelet is a statement of intent, a piece of your heart.
Therefore, having a David Locco diamond is an open demonstration to the world of your deep feelings for nature, loyalty and coherence.

It has never been so easy to express yourself. It has never been so easy to say so much with a piece of jewelry.


The world has already surrendered to David Locco universe

Everyone is already talking about him and knows about his uniqueness. Many have fallen head over heels for his ethical luxury, full of values marked by deep feelings.



The human side of David Locco

Behind a great challenge, there is always a determined dreamer. In 2017, Jonathan Gonzalez founded the wonderful universe of David Locco.

Moved by his love for nature and the beings in it, he decided to make the beauty of the planet and the world of emotions eternal through ethical luxury.

Creating with passion, putting his soul in every phase of gestation until the diamonds are set in jewelry designed with consciousness and transparency.

“Leaving the world a better place than we found it to future generations is the greatest challenge for human beings”


His inspiration

The delicacy and exclusivity of David Locco jewelry is born from millenary values.

That is why the legendary African baobab tree is his emblem. A creature full of magic that blossoms for the first time at the age of twenty years and its flowers disappear a few hours after opening. This delicacy and exclusivity is what David Locco diamonds achieve, created only for a specific soul.

David Locco Baobab ring


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