Certificate of authenticity

A created diamond is a real diamond

David Locco's diamonds are known by several names: sustainable, created, cultivated, ethical... They are all right. However, there is a common question that the firm wants to answer to all those who wish to dive into the respectful universe of the brand.

You are buying a natural diamond

Those who call them "synthetic" are only confusing and staining the paths of science. A David Locco diamond is not born from the synthesis of elements nor from artificial creation. Our stones share a DNA identical to that of mined diamonds.

An extracted diamond needs a quality certificate too

Our created diamonds are so identical to extracted ones that they also need the approbation and certificate of a prestigious gemological institute to be considered diamonds as such. The conclusion is simple: if both need this approbation and both achieve the same certificate, this means that in both cases we are talking about stones with identical characteristics.

International Gemological Institute certificate (IGI)

The IGI is the most prestigious International Gemological Institute in the world. David Locco has the honour of being the first firm in the world certified by the IGI for using only lab-created diamonds in their jewellery.

This certificate will provide you with all the information necessary to understand the characyeristics of your sustainable diamond, from the 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity and carat) to more specific aspects such as the quality of the polishing and its symmetry.

For those jewels that have 0.5 carats or more, an IGI authenticity and quality certificate will be handed in.


David Locco Diamonds certificate of authenticity

For those jewels that have less than 0.5 carats, a David Locco Diamonds authenticity and quality certificate will be handed in, guaranteeing their veracity.

Our certificate has all of your jewel's essential information (both about the gold or silver and the sustainable diamond). In it you will find out more about the type of gold or silver used in your jewel; your diamond's properties (cut, colour, clarity and total carat); its ID or reference; and the date of purchase.