¿Se parecen David Locco y Elon Musk?

Are David Locco and Elon Musk alike?

Are David Locco and Elon Musk alike?

Elon Musk, CEO of some of the biggest companies nowadays, Tesla and SpaceX (amongst others), can seen a controversial and nonconformist person, but his capacity to innovate and predict how the future will unfold are unquestionable.

In a way, (and with their clear differences) the way of thinking and the spirit of David Locco and Musk are very alike.

The strategic vision of the future

At the age of ten, the director of Tesla had already programmed his first video game and sold it for 500 dollars, thus beginning an infinite list of startups that are not even close to ending.

Believing in a world that is heading more and more towards technology and sustainability, Musk has founded lots of businesses, like the spaceship and rocket creator, SpaceX, which seeks to send people to Mars in order to create the first self-sufficient city outside the Earth.

The “crazy” visions, the way of undertaking projects and the belief in how things will go, almost reaching the certainty of how they will actually be, is what defines someone like Elon Musk. And it is also what defines David Locco.

They are not people who follow the same path as others: they look for their own way of doing things, and they do not let themselves be guided by what is supposed to happen, instead they pave the way, they become natural leaders and make what seems like an impossible and insane idea, become a reality.

The search for a talented team

David Locco, although mentioned as an individual, is the union of hundreds completely innovative and groundbreaking ideas thought by a highly-talented team.

In its origins, anyone could have thought that the creation of jewellery with sustainable and lab-created diamonds was absurd, that no other type of created mineral could ever surpass mined diamonds. Nonetheless, despite everyone’s contraindications, David Locco became pioneer in its sector, certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) as the first high jewellery firm in the world in using ethical diamonds only in their jewels.

Nowadays, the ethical luxury industry is close on the heels of traditional luxury, increasing the use of sustainable diamonds by the day.

If this has been possible it is thanks to the fusion of huge entrepreneur and hardworking minds. When a new project arises, passion is the main motor, it is what drives people to invest their time, in spite of failed results and disappointments, because the success of an idea you believe in is unmatched.

What characterises Musk, apart from his like for innovation and his strategic mind, is surrounding himself with a team closely linked to sustainability, hard work and common sense. One person only can go a long way, but cannot get to Mars.

Cryptocurrencies and sustainability

It is no secret that the owner of SpaceX has had his comings and goings with cryptocurrencies and its fluctuations. Despite some of his practices being questionable, the truth is that, at the end of the day, he still bets on virtual currencies, which are the future of the economy and e-commerce.

Elon Musk is also one of the biggest investors and believers in renewable and sustainable energy, that is why the means of transportation he creates are purely electrical.

Two big entrepreneurs, that look for a sustainable future and a world (or two) filled with opportunities, may have more in common than one would think.

You now know the strengths that join Elon Musk and David Locco together.

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