¿Por qué se interesa Leonardo DiCaprio en los diamantes ecológicos?.

Why is Leonardo DiCaprio interested in sustainable diamonds?

Why is Leonardo DiCaprio interested in sustainable diamonds?

The actor of countless blockbusters, Leonardo DiCaprio, is always mindful about the environment and the creation of sustainable energies.

That is why for years, he has been one of the biggest investors in Diamond Foundry, an American company that makes lab-created ethical diamonds.

The work of Diamond Foundry and Leonardo DiCaprio

Diamond Foundry’s goal has always been to provide the diamond market with sustainable stones in order to end the mining of diamonds, achieving zero carbon emissions, avoiding the displacement of families, child exploitation and the irreversible damages to the planet.

In 2012, they finally managed to imitate the conditions inside of the Earth in their plasma reactor, which, at great temperatures and levels of pressure, succeeded in crystallizing pure carbon into a real and, better yet, ecological diamond, just as the laboratories that produce David Locco’s diamonds. They mainly aim their production towards industrial use, as diamonds are the best energy conductor to exist, just as Nano Diamond Battery has seen, the company that has created a battery with unlimited duration, but they also put their diamonds at the disposal of high jewellery.

Since his role as Danny Archer in Blood diamond (2006), DiCaprio’s eye was caught by the creation of ethical diamonds, ones that would not stain the hands of the luxury industry, and above all, would save the suffering of millions of people affected by mining and the suffering of a dying planet.

Later, during the shooting of The Revenant (2015), the whole crew had to move to the southern end of the world looking for snow. This situation heavily impacted the Hollywood actor, who saw the devastating effects that big companies had in the environment, and decided to engage in activism and ecology. In fact, in the Oscars in which he won the best actor award for his role in The Revenant, Leonardo dedicated the final part of his speech to making a call to action, a cry for help for the Earth.

With all this in mind, Leonardo DiCaprio invested in Diamond Foundry, becoming one of its main activists and investors.

Moreover, in 2016, his documentary Before the Flood aired. In it, his crew and him visited different places in the world, like Greenland, to expose the severe climate crisis and its most direct consequences.

The “boom” of Diamond Foundry in Trujillo, Extremadura

For a long time now, it has reached the public Diamond Foundry’s intention to open up a factory (a laboratory, more like) of huge dimensions in a small village in Spain, more specifically Trujillo, which is found in the autonomous community of Extremadura. This project, apart from generating ethical diamonds in Europe to facilitate shipping to different destinations in the continent, will also generate hundreds of job opportunities for the Trujillan population.

This factory will not only be destined to the production of ecological diamonds, but will also be powered by renewable energies like solar photovoltaic power, guaranteeing their zero emission policy. A true modernisation of the European luxury industry.

The actor of Jack in Titanic is a huge lover of the Spanish ambience and culture. He spends his summers in Mallorca, and more than once has visited the capital. Although his intentions to visit the diamond laboratory in Trujillo are not clear, with such determination linked to sustainability and an ecological world, it would not be strange to see him hand-in-hand with the workers in Extremadura.

The same dream that moves DiCaprio is the one that has been moving David Locco since its foundation: saving the planet. If the American actor decided to come back to Madrid, David Locco’s Atelier would open its doors and proposals to him in order to help the world.



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