Por qué David Locco es la joyería más innovadora del mundo

Why David Locco is the most innovative jewellery in the world ?

Why David Locco is the most innovative jewellery in the world

When uniting luxury, sustainability and creativity in a firm, unique jewellery that makes the difference everywhere it goes is achieved. David Locco and his disruptive spirit have come to the high jewellery industry to stay.

Created and sustainable diamonds

Countless adjectives have been used to describe diamonds since their discovery: beautiful, shiny, stunning, unreachable, unmatched…

Nonetheless, the ones that David Locco is proudest to use are: ethical, ecological, created and sustainable.

David Locco is the first high jewellery firm certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) to create jewels with completely ethical diamonds.

Thanks to their manufacture in laboratories exclusively destined for this purpose, unique diamonds are created. Their quality and beauty can be seen not only from the exterior, but also from within: their pure soul allows the Earth to rest easy, far from all the mistreatment it has suffered for years due to the mining of diamonds, and lends a hand to human rights, ending the labour exploitation of millions of people.

Constant innovation

David Locco is a dreamer, a nonconformist and crazy. He fears nothing. His personality makes him an innovative creature, that flows and pushes him to improve constantly.

Like the writer that learns from the classics and the artist that is inspired by its mentor, David Locco takes up the big pieces of the past and gives them a fresh, juvenile and groundbreaking touch, without losing sight of ecology and sustainability. He is an authentic avant-garde of high jewellery.

That is how he achieves unique and timeless jewels, capable of passing from one hand to another through generations, without fear of losing their splendour and beauty.

One of a kind

The attractiveness of a David Locco is unmatched.

All jewellery is elaborated with 18k gold in several colours: gold, white gold and rose gold. Their sustainable diamonds also show a stunning variety of tones that does not affect their quality whatsoever, yet makes them even more perfect and singular: natural, pink, yellow and blue.

Wearing a David Locco is much more than accessorizing: its sublime beauty makes it a garment on its own, the centre of every outfit.

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