Por qué Audrey Hepburn luciría un David Locco en la actualidad

Why Audrey Hepburn would wear a David Locco Diamonds nowadays

Why Audrey Hepburn would wear a David Locco Diamonds nowadays

When thinking about sophistication and elegance, there is always a woman that shines above everyone else, a true symbol of timeless elegance and luxury: Audrey Hepburn.

The British dancer and actress, known for her roles in movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady, not only excelled in performing on stage and in front of the camera, but she also shone for her philanthropic heart.

Elegance and simplicity as a flag

Beyond her roles as Holly Golightly (a woman who gets involved with older men for their money) and Princess Anna (Roman Holiday, 1953), on no account was Audrey materialistic nor ostentatious with her way of dressing. In spite of being a descendant from the Dutch aristocracy, she never liked showing off her wealth nor appearing to be better than the rest.

Her simplicity and modesty were the ones that distinguished her from other people: a beautiful, fine, educated woman with an unmatched selfless spirit.

Her way of dressing hardly had any accessories, she much preferred austerity. She wore simple jewellery only in counted occasions, that is why she would be the perfect candidate for falling in love with David Locco Diamonds' Essentials, a delicate and simple collection, but at the same time bright and unmatched, just as Audrey Hepburn.


From Hollywood to Instagram

In the past, things occurred the other way around: a headhunter found someone unknown and made them a big screen star; now, every Hollywood celebrity shows their more familiar side thanks to social media.

If only in Hepburn’s time Instagram existed, the dancer would have most likely made it to the podium of largest following: although there are few people that knew her melancholic spirit, she would not hesitate to show her most vulnerable and human side, if that would help anyone.

All the big brands would want to partner with her, but Audrey was very selective with those she trusted. For decades, her most loyal designer and friend was Givenchy, of whom she wore pieces constantly.

It is not crazy to think that if nowadays such a strong and intelligent woman like Audrey still remained, she could be interested in a firm like David Locco Diamonds, a firm that represents all of the actress’ values and fights for the rights of those who are forced to work in mines (amongst which, unfortunately, a large number of children are found), and ending those practices.

Her humanitarian work

Although everyone remembers her as the award-winning actress she was, her achievements did not conclude there: she was a Unicef ambassador, collaborating not only materially, but also travelling to numerous countries to help first-handedly women and children in need.

Her constant defense of human rights, her love for people and her unequal elegance make her a great role model for the ethical luxury industry, an industry that every day makes its way a little more in a world that demands sustainability and ecology with urgency.

This sense of duty with others, kindness and ecology would be enough to connect David Locco Diamonds and Audrey Hepburn in a wonderful friendship.

It would have been an honour for David Locco Diamonds to see its pieces on such a clear icon of elegance and solidarity, and insurmountable for Hepburn to show off a brand that unites luxury with a better world.

Now you know Audrey Hepburn’s preferences in jewellery

Green luxury, such a revolutionary trend right now, could have been the hallmark of the media icon, professional and committed woman that was this immortal lady of cinema. You can now fully enjoy it like she would have liked. Visit David Locco Diamonds' Atelier through the link and live this unique experience.

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