Numerosas actrices españolas creen en David Locco y por qué deberías hacerlo tú

Numerous Spanish actresses believe in David Locco and why you should too

Numerous Spanish actresses believe in David Locco and why you should too

From the beginning, David Locco was greeted by the celebrities of the Spanish scene with open arms. A firm that holds the hands of both luxury and sustainability, did not go unnoticed by today’s stars like Najwa Nimri, Anna Castillo or Inma Cuesta.

Evenings at Club Alma Sensai

In the heart of Madrid, there is a stunning place that only opens its doors to those who deserve it, an exclusive atmosphere that seeks to join people with clear ideas and determination about luxury, ecology and sustainability.

They lent a hand to such an innovative firm as David Locco since its birth, and that is why now, inside Club Alma Sensai, you can find our beautiful Atelier, where you can live the unique experience of purchasing a David Locco.

But its story goes back further in time: it was in Club Alma Sensai where David Locco hosted spectacular dinners and expositions, like the live-sculptures by Ernesto Artillo, designer of the sustainable jewellery collection “Beauty and violence” (2018), a tribute to the victims of the wars caused by the mining of diamonds.

Numerous Spanish actresses bet on David Locco by attending its parties and wearing its jewellery, among other important icons from the scene, like the gallerist and activist Topacio Fresh, the businesswoman and collectionist Carmen Lomana and the model Mayka Merino, who used to be the face of the firm, joined by its ambassador Miriam Giovanelli, who plays Patricia Márquez in Velvet.

Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo’s favourite actresses, Anna Castillo and Belén Cuesta, casted in their films and series like La Llamada and Paquita Salas, also visited David Locco in Club Alma.

David Locco in the red carpet

It was not long until David Locco appeared in the desired Goya Awards Gala, the maximum honour that can be granted to Spanish cinema, thanks to the actress in La Casa de Papel, Najwa Nimri, who wore the collection “Beauty and violence” in collaboration with Ernesto Artillo.

Inma Cuesta showed her commitment too to ethical luxury in her interview with MADMENMAG magazine by wearing David Locco’s jewellery.

More recently, in 2021, María Valverde attended Vogue Fashion’s Night Out for the premiere of Fuimos canciones showing off the magnificent Queen Earrings by our brand. Nearing the end of the year, consecrated Spanish actress Belén Rueda, gave an interview for Beandlife Magazine wearing the 'Supernova' earrings and ring, as well as the 'Alma' ring.

The cherry on top for The Voice Spain's grand finale came with the appearance of the talented coach and singer Malú, who shone bright with the light of the First Lady ring's 88 diamonds.

Ethical diamonds have been making a place for themselves in the sustainable luxury industry for years now: in 2006, after the premiere of Blood diamond, starring Leonardo DiCaprio (who not by coincidence is one of the biggest investors in lab-created diamonds), the use of diamonds that did not come from mining increased, due to the film showing the utmost tragedy that took place in countries like Sierra Leone as a result of the mining of diamonds. So much so that in later Oscars red carpets, Hollywood icons such as Kate Winslet and Penélope Cruz spared these “blood diamonds” and switched to “ethical diamonds”.

Wearing a David Locco piece is an absolute declaration of intentions: it is showing the world which are your values, your belief in sustainability and a promising future. Just as uncountable fashion, pop-culture and movie stars did, betting on David Locco empowers those who do it and highlights their commitment to society.

David Locco is waiting for you in its Atelier

A movie-like experience, unique and unforgettable, whose driver is nature and elegance, is waiting for you behind its doors. We encourage you to book a personalised appointment here, so that you can live what all our celebrities lived when they fell in love with our jewellery.

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