Las nuevas energías renovables que salvarán el planeta

The new renewable energies that will save the planet

The new renewable energies that will save the planet

In a world where everything accelerates by the minute, where temperatures are rising alarmingly every day and where natural resources are becoming more and more limited, it seems as if the only one that can make us company is hopelessness.

David Locco is not intimidated by adversities, it is capable of transforming the concept of luxury that has existed until now and it defends sustainability and change come hell or high water.

Although everything seems dark, there are small lights that illuminate our horizon: the new clean and sustainable energies on our Earth.

Green hydrogen

This renewable source of energy is produced from water. Through electrolysis, water molecules (​​H2O) are broken down into hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2), therefore producing an easily stored green hydrogen and oxygen for the planet.

If in the functioning of these electrolysis machines, renewable energies -such as wind power and solar power- are used instead of fossil fuels (as they have been and still are being obtained to this day), there would not be any CO2 emissions, becoming a completely clean and renewable energy source.

Green hydrogen is a great sustainable alternative for the agricultural, industrial, mining and transportation sectors. All thanks to its energetic density (which is three times higher than that of gasoline), its ease to be stored and transported, as well as its adaptability to any type of resource desired to destine it.

Aerothermal energy

The process of obtaining energy through aerothermia consists of the extraction of the energy found in the air, transmitting it to water or rooms, achieving the regulation of the temperature in the air and taking advantage of the heat for other means.

It is a completely sustainable, renewable and safer alternative to other energies, such as boilers.

More often than not it is hard to see how we can make some changes in our daily life that may help the environment, especially taking into account that the vast majority of renewable energies are often used for big-scale industrial processes. However, aerothermia is an energy source that can be installed in any home, helping not only the planet, but also in reducing energy costs in the long run.

Biomass and the livestock industry

Biomass is a renewable resource that is obtained from the organic waste generated by livestock activities, agricultural activities, sewage sludges, etcetera.

Animals and vegetables absorb part of the solar energy everyday. This can be collected in the subproducts that are derived from their activity but are not useful to humans as we cannot consume them. Nevertheless, they can be destined to the obtaining of renewable energy.

There are different types of biomass: natural biomass (which can be obtained from nature without human intervention, that is that plants and animals generate it per se); residual biomass (obtained from human’s waste); and produced biomass (crop fields that are exclusively destined for its energy use).

It is no secret that the biggest challenge climate change is facing is intensive livestock farming, which produces excessive amounts of polluting residues and gas, apart from the animal exploitation and the overcrowded conditions in which they are kept. As it is an industry whose faults are rarely easy to mend and that it is constantly growing, it is very difficult to eradicate it.

But we can give it a twist. This is, the obtaining of residues destined to biomass energies in vast quantities, using them to get new fuels (such as biodiesel) and sustainable thermal energy.

The compromise of David Locco and the diamond battery

Everything has a solution in the eyes of David Locco. That is why it has bet from the beginning on the nanodiamond battery, a battery powered by the energy of nuclear waste, repurposing it in a green, safe and innovative format. If you would like to know more about this energy source, we have an article exclusively for it.

With this clearer sight of our more than possible future, tensions are lightened, smiles come back and we can breathe again.


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