La batería de diamantes: la energía del futuro

The diamond battery: the energy of the future

The diamond battery: the energy of the future

The sentence “we need a quick solution” has been heard a thousand times through generations. With a hasty countdown and a rising preoccupation with how the future will be handled, it seems that there are no solutions to the climate crisis that is taking place.

However, the American company NDB is developing what will be the renewable energy of the future: the diamond battery.

The battery that will last forever

NDB or Nano Diamond Battery began the development of a green battery in 2012, with the objective of having unlimited power for everyone, coming from sustainable resources.

This battery is powered by the radioactive waste nuclear power plants generate. These residues have to be stored for thousands of years until they stop being damaging to living beings, causing not only the pointless storage of thousands of tons a year, but also huge damages to the ecosystems and the health of the Earth.

In this way, nuclear waste is repurposed to avoid the pollution of different areas, giving them a new goal in their “life”.

The main conductor that will make this battery work are nanodiamonds, as they are the best conductor in the market. As diamonds are one of the hardest materials on the planet, they not only work as a conductor of energy, but are also capable of retaining the radiation inside the device, maximizing the safe use of these batteries.

“Imagina un mundo en el que no tendrías que cargar la batería durante todo un día. Ahora imagina que durante la semana, durante el mes… ¿Qué tal durante décadas? Eso es lo que somos capaces de hacer con esta tecnología”- Neel Naicker, BND.

The diamonds that are used for them are created in laboratories.

That is why NDB is positioned as one of the most sustainable energy companies to this day.

The Nano Diamond Battery strives to power the devices that have it during an unlimited period of time, avoiding the changing and disposing of batteries constantly. It will be possible to use them in the vast majority of devices: mobile phones, electric cars, computers, LED lights, satellites…

Depending on the amount of “mini batteries” that are in a “big battery”, they could even be used to power houses and buildings non-stop, being something completely revolutionary in the industry of renewable energies.


The important code of ethics of Nano Diamond Battery

The Californian company, with its huge commitment to the environment and the future, does not leave out of sight human rights.

With a strict anti-discrimination, pro-diversity and tolerance policy, NDB makes sure that the minerals that power their devices come from conflict-free countries with a regulated work law.

All their suppliers must follow the indications in their “Supplier code of conduct” with a huge foundation in human rights, good labour conditions and sustainable resources.

Moreover, all their workers receive a very good education in human rights, legislation and the foundations of tolerance right from the beginning. All of this is reinforced periodically through seminars and group activities, offering work opportunities to people of different communities and collectives.


“Supplier code of conduct” by NDB Inc.

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