About my product

How can I know the size of my ring?

This is a frequent question with an easy answer without the need of going personally to any point of sale. Use the attached template. How do I us the template? It is very easy, place a ring over the circles until you find one that matches perfectly. You must take into account that the circles represent the inner edges of the ring, so that you do not make any mistakes. To find out the size of your ring, download and print this template. Afterwards, read it carefully and follow the instructions given in it.


I cannot find my ring size on the webpage. What can I do?

If your ring size is not on the available stock, we will not have any problem in customizing a ring for you. You only need to contact our team at pedidos@davidlocco.com. Your ring will be manufactures in a period of maximum 30 days. The ring will have the same retail price, regardless of its size.

Can I repair my jewel?

By following this care measures, your David Locco pieces will remain intact for a longer time. However, if your piece has lost its original status, please contact us at pedidos@davidlocco.comwith the following structure and we will help you solve it. • Subject of the e-mail: repair + name of the contact person • Attach a picture of the imperfection • Write your phone number in case we have to personally contact you

How do I take care of my jewels?

The diamond is a very sophisticated stone, but it also has an extreme hardness, and, as such, it only requires a basic caring so that it does not deteriorate or break. Avoid using your jewels when performing tasks that involve corrosive products, rubbing or hitting with other objects that may damage them. It would be ideal to store your jewels with its precious stone in its correspondent box, properly covering it to avoid hits with other pieces. To clean it, we recommend simply a soft cloth. We recommend a soft cloth and avoiding contact with chemical, cosmetic and abrasive products.


All of the diamonds crafted in our laboratories are certified by the IGI (International Gemological Institute), making us the first global sustainable diamond brand to be awarded with this certification. To be able to hold this certification, the institute meticulously studies each gem after it has been polished by our team of experts. This guarantees total authenticity, quality and purity. Each piece is accompanied by a certificate that indicates, in written and graphic form, the main characteristics of the stone, such as its purity, color, proportions, symmetry, finish, shape, size and weight. David Locco guarantees that the beauty of his diamonds will remain forever and offers free technical advice to maintain the shine of the metal.

Orders & Returns

Can I make changes in my orders?

Please contact our Customer Service team at the email address pedidos@davidlocco.com, so that we can proceed to contact with you and complete any changes you may need.