The new more conscious and sophisticated luxury

Jewelry designed and crafted to make feelings and values eternal, while maintaining the beauty and delicacy of fine jewelry.

Strength, eternity and infinite love are embedded inside a diamond.

However, the shadows caused by the extraction methods and distribution chains of those coming out of the mines have tarnished the purity of its meaning.

Therefore, David Locco undertook the impressive challenge of restoring all the values that were inside it and strived to achieve an honest, sustainable diamond with an identical DNA to the one found underground.

That dream is a reality today. Jewelry set in sustainable diamonds is the beautiful form of everything you want to say to the loved one to whom you are giving an engagement ring. A piece with a created diamond is the statement of intent of the wearer to the world. In short: the diamonds created by David Locco are the present and the future of a gem that should never have been a problem for the planet or a bargaining chip for purposes that violate human rights.

The only difference between a created diamond and a mined diamond is an ethical and planet-conscious technological process.
Protecting nature has become a priority. The reason is simple: it is our home and its embrace is the only one that can make our lives possible. It gave us all its beauty on the condition that we respect it. Can we enjoy its landscapes and adorn our skin with its beauty? Yes, for this she gave us the gift of intelligence: to be able to find the means to reproduce its treasures in an exact way, without the need to take them away by digging tons of earth and deforesting huge surfaces that represent the green lung of the planet. 

To do this, we must start from the following question:

What is a diamond?
The beauty of its light and brilliance has made it an emblematic stone. But it holds one more secret that makes it so special: Carbon is the only material that forms it. Certain conditions of pressure and temperature reached under the mantle of the earth made the crystallization of this chemical element possible, turning it into a diamond: an extremely beautiful stone but one that needs to be exfoliated and cut by the hand of man to be set into a jewel.

Discovering the process that nature casually employed to create such a special crystal made restless minds focused on progress to make a better world, willing to recreate in laboratories those environmental circumstances under which to submit the carbon and begin to gestate created diamonds, free of conflicts and with a negligible impact on the environment. Names such as Howard Tracy Hall, the driving force behind the creation of laboratory diamonds, are essential to reach the point where we are now. 

David Locco's laboratories have followed in the footsteps of Tracy Hall to achieve what had not been possible until now: to create diamonds that possess the 4Cs (The quality of a diamond is determined by the 4C's: Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat) and be considered by the IGI as real diamonds, with identical certification to mined diamonds.

Our scientific experts have succeeded in subjecting a diamond seed, that necessary amount of carbon for the procreation of the stone, to the pressure and temperature units necessary to create the development of a diamond identical to the one created in the subsoil. Nothing more. Just careful control to ensure that the gestation is ideal and to always obtain diamonds of extraordinary quality.

As with mined diamonds, no two created diamonds are alike. Each process is unique and although the technology used is the most advanced, we must always rely on the hand of man, as beautiful and capricious as nature. Therefore, we only cut those that achieve the ideal parameters, as is the case with mine diamonds.

Once the diamonds are created in our U.S. laboratories, only those that have achieved the appropriate clarity, color and weight parameters travel to Antwerp, the birthplace of diamond cutting, to be cut by the world's most skilled craftsmen. The entire process of your David Locco diamond, from seed to setting, is as innovative and sophisticated as it is transparent, with environmentally responsible production systems and simple supply chains.

The unique characteristics of a David Locco diamond

Eternal jewels so the planet will be eternal too
Diamond mining is considered one of the most environmentally invasive. The gestation of these stones occurs in very deep layers. If one compares the production data of a mined diamond with a created diamond, the respect shown by the latter is thunderous.

Mined diamond
- Deforestation of hectares of land.
- Displacement of villages due to water contamination that harms not only people's health, but also their livestock and crops.

- Changes in the orography of the land.
-Creation of 2.63 tons of waste to produce just one carat of diamond that can obtain the 4Cs.
-The use of 480 liters of water per carat
-The emission of 57,000 grams of CO2 that pollutes air and surface and subway water.

Created diamond
- Because it is grown in a laboratory, it does not affect the surface of the planet.
- As it does not invade territories, the people living on  diamond deposits can live in peace.
- It does not alter the life of the ecosystem
- Only 70 liters of water are needed to produce one carat.
- Thanks to the work and expertise of our team of scientists, the laboratories are pioneers worldwide in using sustainable and responsible methods with ZERO carbon emissions and, therefore, no impact on the planet.

The only ethical diamonds that respect human freedom
The beauty and hardness of diamonds has always been compared to love and eternity. Such has been its magnetism that the greed of many has led them to violate fundamental rights in order to possess them:

- Oppression.
- Subhuman working conditions, including child exploitation
- War conflicts caused by the control of its mines and having been bargaining chips for the purchase of weapons. 

There is no data to compare with a cultivated diamond, the reason:
They do not impact negatively on people's rights.
-Created diamonds support technology and R&D development.
-Creation of skilled jobs that respect workers' rights
-Respect for millenary peoples who have the good fortune to live in the splendor of nature.

A created diamond is a real diamond
David Locco's diamonds have been called by many names: sustainable, created, cultured, ethical... All of them are correct. However, there is a frequently asked question that the firm wants to clarify to all those who wish to enter the respectful universe of the firm.

You are purchasing a natural diamond.
All those who speak of them as synthetic are only confusing and tarnishing the ways of science. A David Locco diamond is not born from the synthesizing of elements, creating artificial pieces such as zirconite. Our stones share an identical DNA with the mine diamond.

A mined diamond also needs a quality certificate.
Our created diamonds are so identical to the mined ones that they also need the approval and certification of a prestigious gemological institute to be considered diamonds as such. The conclusion is simple, if both need that approval and both get the same certification, it means that in both cases we are talking about stones with identical characteristics.