Los famosos más comprometidos con el planeta


The celebrities most committed to the planet

A great influence is a great potential to achieve change: Hollywood’s and the Spanish scene’s celebrities have noticed this. Committing to the environment and the fight against climate change, the defence of human rights and the preservation of species and ecosystems are some of the causes these famous people are advocating for.

Mónica Cruz

The Spanish actress has shown her commitment to the environment time and again, her most outstanding event being the creation of an eco-friendly handbag or “eco bag” for Be Green Be Chic’s campaign, whose funds that were raised were destined to WWF’s Forest Landscape Recuperation. This programme encourages the preservation of forests through natural regeneration (different techniques that help nature rebuild itself) and artificial regeneration (mainly through replanting trees).

She has also moved towards natural cosmetics that do not test on animals and she is against the use of real fur in clothing.

Emma Watson

One of the big screen’s most admired actresses is Emma Watson, not only for her outstanding skills as an actress and her intelligence, but also for having such a pure and solidary soul.

She dresses in clothing made out of sustainable textiles and she tries to raise awareness on the detrimental effects that the fast-fashion industry has on the environment. One of her most known collaborations was with Global Green USA, a non-profit organisation that wants to create a safe and sustainable future.

Since 2014, Emma has taken the role of “Goodwill Ambassador” for HeForShe, a campaign created by UNO Women that fights systematically for the rights of women.

Elsa Pataky

Another one of the great women who have joined the change is Elsa Pataky: she now lives in Australia with her husband and children in a sustainability-based house: surrounded by flora and fauna and with renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

She has also participated in projects for the preservation of Australia’s native fauna, as well as defending the use of natural cosmetics and the prohibition of experimenting with animals. In 2021 she was the opening speech for Mercedes-EQ Welife Festival, an event that advocates for a healthy lifestyle connected to nature.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo is currently Hollywood’s face of the fight against climate change: his social media have become platforms dedicated to raising awareness on the consequences of global warming and deforestation.

In his documentary Before the Flood (2016), his mission was to show the actual situation of the poles and trying to look for solutions to stop the planet’s bad conditions.

In 1998 he created his own foundation, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, whose objective is to guarantee the wellbeing of all of the Earth’s inhabitants (both human and not human).

He is also one of the biggest investors in Diamond Foundry, the biggest company dedicated to creating lab-grown sustainable diamonds.

We have an entire article dedicated exclusively to Leonardo DiCaprio and his contributions to the world of sustainability.

David Locco’s actresses

Those who bet on such a revolutionary firm as David Locco, bet on sustainability and the victory of nature too.

There are many actresses who have shown their commitment to David Locco: Najwa Nimri, Belén Rueda, Inma Cuesta, Miriam Giovanelli…

Change seems far away when we talk about movie stars, music icons or big multinational companies, but we have to remember that the ones leading the world are people too.

Change is in us.






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