David Locco was born with the purpose of giving awareness, from Europe to the rest of the world, to ecological diamonds created in the laboratory. And after the launch of several long-range collections, the firm has achieved what until now seemed impossible: to be the European pioneer in reinventing the concept of diamond while making it attractive to new generations. That is why the aim is; above all, to turn the diamond back into an authentic jewel, but with the maxim that all the resulting pieces are always of the highest quality.

Thanks, first of all, to the continuous work of the team of scientists who have developed a complex process with which to reproduce in international laboratories the same climatic conditions on which diamonds grow naturally.

That’s why the diamonds created by David Locco manage to achieve the highest quality parameters in color and purity, achieving total freedom from associated conflicts. As well as a strong social commitment to the conservation of the environment itself, thus achieving a purity superior to that of conventional diamond. David Locco’s mission is to represent the utmost elegance and luxury throughout the world, in a responsible and sustainable way. The brand, always hand in hand with creativity and originality, mixes innovation with tradition to give rise to the purest diamonds in history.

Through a market-leading vision of sustainable diamonds and fine jewelry, its philosophy becomes highly responsible both on a social and environmental level. That’s why David Locco’s values are the result of a perfect combination of exclusivity and respect:

Excellence: David Locco directs all the creation of its diamonds towards excellence. Awareness, perfectionism and the struggle to offer high sustainable jewelry make the firm a clear example of overcoming and greatness.

Sustainability: The excellent results achieved by David Locco during all this time are what differentiate it from the rest. Through a clear ideology aroundrespect for the environment, David Locco’s laboratories have managed to create pure diamonds exactly the same as natural ones. That’s why this phenomenon has already become a historical milestone that will mark a before and after in the history of jewelry itself.

Art: Understood as the concept that encompasses the different creations made by human beings to express a sensitive vision about the world, whether real or imaginary. That’s why David Locco’s Atelier concept turns the brand into an artisan workshop for personalized diamond creation, respecting the planet at all times. While the concepts of art and jewelry merge with those of beauty and social responsibility.

Elegance: David Locco’s atmosphere exudes taste and delicacy, but through a daring and groundbreaking aesthetic capable of revolutionizing the very concept of fine jewelry.

New luxury: Luxury, by David Locco, represents the highest excellence in the possession of quality through the different materials used throughout its creation. Passion, perfectionism, experimentation and skill make the brand an example of exclusivity, luxury and glamour. Until recently, the perception of luxury was closely related to the ownership of products and the demonstrative character of their own display. Today, instead, the consumer prefers a sustainable, balanced luxury, far from ostentation and clearly focused on achieving a vital experience.

Perseverance: As a synonym for constancy, persistence, firmness and dedication. The sustainable philosophy, together with the concept of the pure diamond, has been a challenge for the brand, which has managed to combine both concepts to go beyond the limits, exploring and creating new scenarios.

Innovation: Consists of using the latest knowledge to build a new path that leads to the desired goal. In this case, David Locco’s goal is to propose fine jewelry in the most sustainable and respectful way possible.

In addition to all this, David Locco’s philosophy is based on a commitment to raising awareness of the obvious environmental and social problem associated with the natural extraction of diamonds, causing irreparable damage to our planet. We are facing a true revolution, at a new paragraph in which the firm David Locco leads globally the task of abandoning inherited customs to make way for innovation.

David Locco’s work is born from a totally innovative concept, and is the result of a fusion between the revolutionary and fighting spirit and responsibility with the planet. The pieces are designed from the elegance of simple geometric shapes, and made with noble materials. So all the pieces incorporate laboratory diamonds, providing the opportunity to acquire a special and memorable jewel for eternity without damaging the planet at any time. In this way, the intrinsic philosophy of the brand stems from a firm conviction for environmental awareness, understanding it as a concept capable of expanding around the world. Without neglecting luxury and sophistication at any time, always respecting the environment.

For this reason, the essence of David Locco is considered a concept in full expansion and growth, going from offering only ecological diamonds in Europe to penetrating and growing in other areas of great interest, such as America or Asia.

It’s precisely this desire of the firm to continue growing that makes it an ambitious project of global awareness, capable of also settling anywhere in the world. The first complete collection by David Locco was launched from Europe, fully convinced that it’s an innovative concept that will provide fully positive aspects for the planet, for human rights and, ultimately, for the end consumer himself. And although the origin of the firm is European, the laboratories where the diamond production is carried out are located in the United States.

Resulting in a clearly novel process, where all the rough stones that are obtained are meticulously analyzed until a large number of the resulting diamonds are discarded, the same ones that don’t meet the highest possible quality sought. Later, these diamonds that do overcome the complex and laborious filter travel to Belgium, where they are cut and polished. And it’s from there that they are certified through the International Gemological Institute (IGI), finally validating their quality and purity.

All designs are based on ecological diamonds, and although there are different ways of calling them - ecological diamonds, sustainable diamonds, laboratory diamonds, etc. - they are all categorized as pure diamonds. Thanks to the certificate exclusively delivered by the IGI, which recognized us as the first brand in the world to create fine jewelry using totally sustainable diamonds.

This institute, founded in the late 1970s, is currently the largest independent laboratory in the world, capable of providing valuable qualifications and evaluations of diamonds and fine jewelry. The IGI, in turn, is also the only international certification laboratory under the ownership and control of a central governing body, which ensures the consistency of its qualification reports worldwide at all times.
All of the above can be seen reflected in David Locco’s own design of identity, which is built around a baobab flower, an emblematic tree of the African savannah. It’s characterized by being strong, long-lived and resistant, and its origin holds a legend.
There, the baobab was one of the most beautiful trees on the continent, admired for its foliage and flowers. His vanity grew so great that the gods punished him, burying his branches and exposing his roots. In effect, it looks like an inverted tree that, with its branches extended in an anarchic order, tries to implore the forgiveness of the gods.
Typically, this baobab only has leaves for four months of the year. And it blooms for the first time after two decades. Its flowers are large and open very quickly, remaining open throughout the night, showing their undeniable beauty. This is how the baobab tree has become consecrated as a symbol of resistance, tolerance, community life and longevity.
It’s also valued as a manifestation of vitality, since it’s a tree endowed with both magical and utilitarian properties. David Locco identifies in this way with the uniqueness of the baobab, championing a way of understanding things that has crossed the limits and frontiers of diamond creation through tolerance and respect for the environment, thus becoming a revolution in the traditional concept of jewelry.
Therefore, the David Locco brand is represented by a baobab flower alongside golden rosé hues. This color is considered one of the most suggestive and provocative fusions, mainly due to the sensations and the effect it’s capable of projecting. Reflecting tenderness, love and exquisiteness in equal measure, the same characteristics that are immediately transmitted on the piece that has been created through this attractive color. In addition, the touch of exclusivity and grandeur that the golden rosé provides is identified with the very essence of David Locco, being a color closely linked to luxury jewelry.
Discreet and timeless, but at the same time elegant and interesting, turning David Locco’s identity into pure sweetness and finesse. Finally, another of the essential aspects that this identity is its minimalist design, understood as the execution from its most basic form. This consists of the release of heavy elements, leaving only the most representative in terms of colors, shapes and textures.
Less is more, as the motto of minimalism, refers to everything that contains the most essential decorative elements, thus focusing attention only on the brand’s diamonds. With the ultimate purpose of highlighting all its qualities, and thus immerse the client in a complete experience.


"We create eternal diamonds so that the planet will be eternal too"