David Locco's emblematic atelier

The home of ethical luxury in one of Europe's most sophisticated locations.

David Locco, one of the world leaders in sustainable fine jewelry, opens the doors of its "maison" in the heart of the emblematic Salamanca district of Madrid.  A cozy and stimulating space, designed to elevate the senses of lovers of beauty and luxury.

In June 2021, David Locco will inaugurate its signature emporium. Inside the Renaissance palace house of the exclusive Club Alma, the firm raises its temple, impregnated with art and elegance. A place inspired by the union of man and nature, innovation and the beautiful creative essence of the human being, selecting the most inspiring and sustainable materials and the most iconic designs that represent the dreamy spirit of the brand. A unique atmosphere to envelop its memorable created diamond jewelry.

Origin and future, balance between strength and delicacy

The values of David Locco on which its atelier is also based.

The well-known Principe de Vergara street, at number 9, houses the universe of the firm, a world created by hand, where the details, which have been chiseled and pampered by the hands of the most renowned artists, coexist in perfect harmony with the most sophisticated technological advances to make your shopping experience truly unforgettable.

Originality in design and in the selection of materials that remind us of the elements of nature, an atelier that has been a challenge met and a turning point in interior design, just like the feat of its sustainable diamonds. Here you will feel each piece of jewelry, appreciate each of its details and design that unique and special piece that will always accompany you and your generations.

The baobab flower, the unforgettable icon of the atelier

Discover the physical universe of David Locco

The exclusivity and beauty of the baobab flower, the emblem of the firm, is present in every corner. Sinuous forms of this special creature can be felt throughout the room so that you are imbued with its majesty. An experience in which you will see yourself reflected in the sculpture The Muse of the Baobab, a work that crowns the atelier and represents the embrace of humanity and the Earth, symbolized by a woman's body and the petals of this unique flower.

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