Colored diamonds, alliances of eternal love and timeless jewels that give illusion.

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Beauty and violence

A collection designed by the artist Ernesto Artillo inspired by the diamond's past.



A collection inspired by the look of the XIX century writer Arthur Rimbaud as part of a trip back in time.

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David Locco works with lab created diamonds, conflict-free and environmental friendly.
All diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Institute.

A memory, a story, a jewel. We work with the best skilled craftsmen to make each piece unique and exclusive.

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This ring is called Mother because it represents the beauty that resides in all of them, full of strength, sophistication and daring.

A tribute to all the love they give us every day.

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Engagement rings

A promise of infinite love deserves an eternal ring that shines and makes you vibrate.


Colored diamonds

Choose the most special color for you between pink, blue, yellow and white.

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Timeless collection

A collection of gold-plated silver jewels with diamonds set. A classic.

260,00 €
180,00 €
200,00 €
405,00 €

Our diamond,

Learn all about its creation, history, guarantees and certificates.

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